Hello everyone, and welcome to Better in Cursive. To touch on the title of this blog, “Better” is what I strive to be on a daily basis. I live by the words of the the past and future, and those words are what make me better. I would not be better if it weren’t for people that were and are better than me. I’ve learned that being better can be a lonely thing. However, it’s okay, because being better is a good thing. I also believe that only trying to better yourself and no one else, is just plain selfish.

My goal here is to inspire people with the words of the past and future. I want to inspire people the way I’ve been inspired. As a result, I will be posting some poems, quotes, and speeches by people, as well as some of my art. My hope is that what I post can actually help someone through their day. I may not know if it did, but I can at least hope that I made the day better.

Best Regards,

Tré Seals

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